Biden’s Change to Federal Law Has Emboldens Terrorists

The current president’s immigration policies have royally backfired on the United States in a number of ways.

For starters, Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration laws facilitated a situation where hundreds of migrants are coming to the southern border in swarms. It goes without saying that Border Patrol officials need far more resources than they have today in order to get a handle on this.

On top of this, fentanyl and other dangerous drugs are coming across the southern border. Even a dash of fentanyl carries the potential to end lives. However, the Biden administration still hasn’t taken comprehensive action to stop this drug from coming across the border.

Unfortunately, what the president has done is put through a new modification that makes it easier for terrorists to come into America.

One of Biden’s Worst Decisions Ever
The president took the liberty of amending America’s immigration laws so that foreign individuals can receive immigration perks, even if they’ve given terrorist groups support that’s deemed as “insignificant.”

Of course, the administration says the purpose of this revision is to help people like Afghans who may have unwittingly aided terrorist groups.

Unfortunately, the way in which this change was adopted is so widespread that it doesn’t just apply to people who were threatened by the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

Instead, Biden changed the immigration law so drastically that terror groups, such as the likes of al Queda, can waltz into the United States with few issues.

Officials with knowledge about foreign policy and immigration matters are already sounding the alarm about how this amendment emboldens terrorists.

According to former State Department adviser Gabriel Noronha, the White House’s claim that this is all about helping stranded Afghans doesn’t track with the particulars of the law change.

Noronha specifically stated that Afghanistan isn’t even cited in the amendment. Furthermore, what this law ultimately shakes out to is merely “watering down” measures put in place that keep terrorists out of the United States.

A Danger to the Lives of US Officials
If terrorists are able to get into the nation because of Biden’s latest federal law change, American officials of the past and present will be in danger.


Already, Iran has pitched various death threats against former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He’s not an anomaly in this regard, either.

Biden could very well be signing the death warrants of US officials with this policy that emboldens terrorists to come to America.