Biden’s Border Madness Blows Past Previous Record

Border migrant encounters, already at historical highs under the catch-and-release Biden administration, have now surpassed two million for the fiscal year. And the border is said to be “closed.”

This is a record never before tallied and shining evidence of the lackadaisical approach taken by the White House concerning this crisis. There are many who believe the president will face trouble over his border failures if Republicans retake control of the House in November.

Customs and Border Protection officials announced Monday that the total intake for July was 199,976, which pushed the total to 1.946 million encounters. Multiple sources now confirm that the two million plateau has been breached.

On top of that, another 18,424 migrants entered the U.S. at official ports of entry in July. That includes those welcomed by the federal government on humanitarian grounds.

In total, July saw the second highest illegal migrant encounters in history at the southern border, and all months under Biden are trending well above historical averages.

It did break a string, by two dozen, of four straight months of apprehensions topping 200,000.

Last year saw a then-record 1.7 million encounters, but for perspective there had only been 1.2 million by this time in that fiscal year. The new fiscal year begins in October.

Mainstream media outlets like to report declining numbers during the summer as if a corner has been turned in the fight against the southern border being overrun. However, that occurs every summer as the heat pushes the total down, only to see it rise again as temperatures fall.

At the end of 2020, the average was roughly 72,000 per month. By March, just weeks after President Joe Biden’s inauguration, that number hit 173,000 and has not fallen below 150,000 for any month since.

And the administration talks about the border being “closed.” To whom exactly? More and more suspects on terror watchlists are coming across, and migration is increasingly from other places than Mexico and Latin America. It is past time to get the southern border truly “closed.”