Biden’s Approval Rating Hits New Low and Threatens Other Democrats

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have sunk to new lows, and new numbers out this week show the Democrat to be one of the most unpopular presidents in American history. And more alarming to party stalwarts is the very real chance that his lack of support will drag them down even further in the November midterms.

Monday’s Civiqs poll shows the president’s approval rating down to a microscopic 36%, and a whopping 55% of voters disapprove of his leadership over a year into his administration. Even worse for Biden, only 24% of independents approve of his job performance and 66% disapprove.

Who can forget how close the Georgia presidential tally in 2020 ended when Biden squeezed out a narrow “win”? The latest numbers show only 32% of Georgians approve of the president while 58% disapprove.

Democratic darling, Stacey Abrams, racing towards being a two-time gubernatorial loser, and Senator Raphael Warnock cannot feel good about their chances in November, not with the leader of their party polling slightly behind the IRS and smallpox with Georgia voters.

Don’t believe the Civiqs poll results? Let’s sample a few more.

According to Real Clear Politics, Biden is the third most unpopular president in the polling era’s history at this point in his administration. Only 41.4% of voters polled approve and 53.7% disapprove of his presidency.

The latest Reuters-Ipsos poll shows Biden with an all-time low 40% approval this week.

Democratic strategists are busy even now trying to find a bumper sticker message to resonate with voters before November. Many incumbents facing the wrath of the electorate in their home districts believe “Build Back Better” has become toxic due to the failure of Biden’s massive social spending package.

Political operatives for Democrats reportedly surveyed voter reactions to “Democrats Deliver” as their new mantra, but reactions were so abysmal they ran back to the drawing board.

Don’t forget, Biden declared in January that this fall’s midterm elections could “easily be illegitimate” if Congress failed to pass so-called voting rights legislation — and they failed. Add his surprising reference to a coming “new world order” to business leaders Monday, and Democratic fears of a November bloodbath seem more and more like reality.