Biden’s Approval Numbers Are Getting Worse

The Rasmussen poll is considered reliable since it polls likely voters and produces a three-day rolling average, making it an excellent trend indicator. President Joe Biden’s popularity rating has slipped to 41%, down from over 40% just a few months ago, after reviewing the damage of 2021 on multiple fronts. Biden’s approval rating had been in the mid-teens, but it is currently in the low-thirties.

According to the reports, when pollsters focus on individual topics rather than general favorability figures, influenced by ideology and partisanship, they elicit more honest responses. And, inevitably, when people are asked about significant concerns, most of them feel Biden is doing a lousy job. During Barack Obama’s presidency, they witnessed the same thing.

According to the Rasmussen survey, only 31% of potential US voters regard Biden’s handling of crime and law enforcement problems as outstanding or good, down from 34% in July. Biden now has a 51% approval rating for his handling of crime, up from 48% last month.

According to the latest CNN/ORC survey, most respondents think President Joe Biden’s handling of crime and immigration is “bad.” In addition, voters dislike Biden’s handling of immigration issues, with only 27% thinking he does a good job.

Furthermore, only 57 percent of Democrats rank Biden outstanding on law enforcement problems, down from 62 percent in July, while the proportion of Democrats rating the president excellent on immigration has dropped to 50 percent from 52 percent.

All of these figures don’t take into account Biden’s awful management of international affairs, the southern border, the economy, or COVID-19, where he formerly had good numbers but is now deemed a failure by the liberal media.