Biden’s Afghanistan Decisions Resulted In Empty Planes And Almost 100,000 Afghans Left Behind

According to foreign assistance specialists, the Kabul airport was packed with individuals seeking to escape the country, generating congestion and prompting US authorities to make mistakes when checking paperwork. Many prescreened Afghans with genuine credentials were barred from boarding planes, while others who had not been verified were allowed to do so. Even though flights frequently departed Kabul with empty seats during the evacuation, more than 100 Americans and possibly well over 100,000 Afghan friends were stuck in the country.

According to analysts, the rush was sparked by President Biden’s directives and the Taliban’s unexpectedly quick capture of Afghanistan. Howie Lind said that the US administration did not have a plan going into this, President of the International Stability Operations Association. “It just became this haphazard.”

Afghan migrants are said to have physically assaulted young brides, who were likely married at the last minute in a desperate bid to leave the nation. Others were classified as likely ineligible for admission into the United States after being evacuated, leaving them in limbo in military facilities worldwide. Meanwhile, many of the Taliban’s abandoned Afghan friends are hiding.

The US failed to develop a strategy to remove probable Taliban targets from Bagram Air Base, resulting in unrest at Kabul’s airport. “There was also an idea that we could take our sweet time” when the Biden administration evacuated Bagram. According to an analyst, the government felt the necessity to maintain competent Afghans in charge of the country’s governance.

According to international humanitarian specialists, US authorities faced a surge of individuals demanding evacuation while attempting to keep up with constantly changing lists of names cleared for the flight. “People at checkpoints hadn’t slept well in days,” they claimed, adding that they couldn’t read the words correctly or mistook the first name as the last name.

Herrell Meijer, a survivor of the 9/11 attacks in New York City, told Fox News, “It was an incredibly dangerous and chaotic scenario.” Would-be evacuees had to “get through the throngs and swarms,” which “sometimes took individuals several hours, if not days, to be able to push themselves to the head of these chaotic lines.” The flood of people also made it difficult for those attempting to leave.

According to Reps. Pete Meijer and Terri Runde, Afghan refugees, found unfit for admission into the United States, were flown, while those who had previously been vetted were prohibited from departing. After a soldier claimed Afghans physically attacked her, an inquiry was initiated at a refugee complex in Herrell’s region.

According to Sifton, if officials overlook the flag, the Afghan ambassador to the United States should be permitted entry as long as they aren’t a security danger. According to international assistance experts, others may need to be relocated to countries prepared to accept such refugees. In the end, a few Afghans may be trapped at military outposts abroad permanently while officials figure out what to do with them.

“The way this evacuation is going, we’re not doing a good job of finishing this conflict,” Lind adds. He says that other individuals stayed “because they couldn’t leave noncitizen family members behind.” Many Afghans who the Taliban had targeted would have been abandoned.