‘Bidenflation’: Americans Having Trouble Paying Their Utility Bills, Biden Wants To Drive Them Higher

Utility bills have increased up to 30-50% already and are expected to rise further in December. Meanwhile, people are struggling to afford utilities and are in the worst conditions ever. It isn’t where it ends. In the face of growing inflation, the Biden Administration plans to raise taxes even higher, squeezing the middle class even further.

Various relief programs are now being advertised in Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc., and these are not just any programs. Up to million dollars-worth relief programs are being launched, and this isn’t even the highest the prices have gone. Winter Demand is yet to set in, and the local governments and the state are looking for ways to help people afford to pay. The gas prices are set to increase in record numbers since the last time a Democrat was in the White House, and the cost for American people to keep their houses warm this winter will be more unbearable than the cold.

What is Joe Biden doing in this regard? He has further restricted the energy producers and wants to impose new taxes that directly and severely impact the consumers. The so-called ‘Build Back Better,’ which is currently undergoing heated debate in the Senate, would contain increased taxes, levies, and fines particular to the oil and gas industry. It will lead to $6 billion in new taxes that will ultimately increase consumer electronics, office, home supplies, medical devices, health products, etc.