He’s Got Things Under Control,’ Says Biden As He Wraps Up The G-20 Summit

Joe Biden’s participation in the Group of 20 summits came to an end on Sunday. He discussed how he keeps things under control and what he can do to make things better. He plans to spend $900 billion on renewable energy on climate change, and Congress will vote on it next week. He’s creating an economy for workers by raising wages and streamlining supply chains.

In Hamburg, Germany, at the G-20 meeting of world leaders, President Joe Biden said, “We’ve made great progress, and there’s more to be done, but it’ll need us to continue to focus on what Russia isn’t doing.” They are people he is familiar with. Biden said of his American, Canadian, German, and Chinese counterparts, “We’ll get things done together.”

Moreover, President Joe Biden has announced additional funds and procedures to assist ports in Mexico, Central America, and Asia. Until this year, he says, few individuals had ever tracked the flow of products through ports. “It’s not an issue that any one of our countries can handle on its own,” Biden argues.

President Joe Biden issued an executive order to ease access to critical minerals and commodities for the United States’ supply chain, citing delays as a factor in inflation and the likelihood of Christmas shopping interruptions. The Pentagon would distribute raw materials from the National Defense Stockpile, enabling a quicker response to industrial base shortages.

Furthermore, President Joe Biden said on Sunday that the U.S. Department of Commerce would organize a meeting next year to discuss establishing better supply chains that can survive setbacks such as a pandemic or harsh weather brought on by climate change. Separately, the State Department will grant assistance to help Mexico and Central America alleviate supply chain bottlenecks and interruptions.