Biden White House And Corporate Media Pressing COVID Shots For Children

President Joe Biden’s administration is readying a push to get American kids to receive the experimental COVID vaccination. Using the media campaign built around the Delta variant, Biden has gathered dozens of social media influencers and personalities to reach out directly to children and teens on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

The White House uses the social media marketing practices developed in the 2020 campaign season to prepare a full-on media blast, especially for kids between 12 and 18.

Social media producers are using videos with Dr. Anthony Fauci to convince children that they will deal with fewer restrictions in daily life if they get vaccinated. Fauci is a recognizable face that conveys the image of trust that children have developed with their real-life medical providers.

Time magazine promotes a group named VaxTeen, which helps children get vaccinated against their parents’ instructions. The New York Times has touted the perceived social advantages to teens who get vaccinated, even without parental consent or any meaningful discussion of possible side effects.

Nine states currently permit children to get vaccinations in various manners without parental consent.

The administration urged schools to allow pop-up vaccine clinics and instructed pharmacies that participate in the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program to help schools increase vaccinations.

While Biden has been touting the extension of emergency authorization of the COVID-19 vaccines for children over 12, he has failed to mention the findings of the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) in that regard. The CDC has linked the vaccines to heart inflammation in people under 30. The number of such side effects is increasing as more young people receive the vaccine.

The White House’s campaign has also failed to mention that children have a death rate from effectively zero viruses. A total of 358 children have died with an indication of COVID infection out of more than 4.1 million who have been verified as having conditions.