Biden Was Completely Unaware Of What Hits Him

That Joe Biden’s series of missteps has revealed so much about the man as well as his leadership team. He never could predict the difficulties that now engulf him, and he doesn’t appear to have the ability to improvise a solution to them either. In reality, which had been kept at bay for so long by the media narrative, is now contained within his OODA circuit as well as making headway. Moreover, the Covid pandemic was added to the roster of events that started with the border crisis. Through trillions of dollars of stimulus money, inflation erupted. Afghanistan stepped out months ahead of his situation, unhindered. Kabul is on the verge of collapse. Another impediment emerges before he could react. Every time the pattern is repeated, it puts him more behind.

Although a leader has been known to rewrite history, such feats need ability. At Marengo, Napoleon supposedly remarked that this war is wholly lost. Also, there is still time for another to win. However, President Joe Biden is not Napoleon, yet his adversaries make greater use of their time than he does. Additionally, Events can determine a man’s character. If recent occurrences are any indication, Biden may not even be Arthur Percival or Lord Elphinstone. Since May 1940, no paper force has fallen so quickly before an adversary. Biden has broken the previous record, and not in a positive manner. It is, in fact, the situation. The bad news is that America’s foes will almost certainly add to this already lengthy list of catastrophes. They’re going to continue piling it on. The Taliban, America’s near-peer adversary, have gained the president’s approval. This demonstration of ineptitude may be more damaging than the fall of Afghanistan.

Additionally, they recognized that American institutions are powerless to assist in the near term. Due to political considerations, disagreement and mediocrity, Biden will be president till 2024. The exact identity politics that propelled the colonizers to prominence would impede assistance from those they dislike. America and its allies are unquestionably approaching a period of increasing danger nobody, not even America’s adversaries could control. Ignorance, corruption, and incompetence were irrelevant since the Greeks recognized what occurred following hubris.