Biden Uses His ‘Creepy Sultry’ Whisper Voice When Asked About Afghanistan

While speaking to reporters about criticisms of the Afghanistan withdrawal, President Joe Biden slipped into his characteristic, creepy lean-in and whispered voice softly. That’s a tell that the president is trying to charm and seduce the listener with his charisma, instead of answering the concern straightforwardly and with honest facts about the matter.

The president was talking to reporters in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Saturday, at the site of the plane crash of the hijacked airliner that passengers diverted there on 9/11.

His answers, and his entire tone and demeanor, were defensive, self-serving, and callously unconcerned at the most fundamental level with the consequences of the operation in Afghanistan, including those who lost their lives and their families, as well as a disregard for what the voters and American public expect out of their government in Washington.

When asked about failing public support for his administration in polls, Biden responded, “I get it, a lot more direct attacks on me. I’m a big boy. I’ve been doing this for a long time.” See how the president immediately made it about himself? See how Joe takes feedback from the people he’s responsible to personally, regards it as an attack, and gets defensive, making it about himself, instead of discussing the matter with reporters for greater understanding?

He may be experienced, and he may have reached the height of success in politics or at least, so it appears at the moment. Still, Joe Biden’s completely self-centered understanding of this discussion as it unfolded Saturday was not very mature at all. And his tired old, creepy lean-in and whisper-in sultry tones maneuver, worn out through decades on the campaign trail in Delaware, America’s corporate filing cabinet, was not very charming either.

The president did that as he said, “Can Al-Qaeda come back? Yeah. But guess what, it is already back in other places.” When habitual liars like most successful, elite, career politicians get defensive, they give tells. Bill Clinton’s tell was that he’d start pointing his finger. “I’m not the one in trouble. You are,” he puffed with this gesture. He tried to appeal to his authority. When Biden leans in and whispers, the creepy old guy is trying to seduce you.

But no gestures of seduction or softly spoken words like you’re a player macking to your girl on the phone will make the voters forget about what’s got them down on Biden in the polls. They’re not attacking Biden. They’re concerned about a policy, but the president thinks it’s about him, not their concerns and the answers to their questions. And they’re not trying to flirt with him.

This president is so out of touch with reality, and it’s something else to behold. Donald Trump had his megalomania and reality distortion field, to be sure. Still, no one could doubt his feet were planted firmly on earth, just like no one who’s using their eyes and ears, instead of projecting what they want to be accurate, can doubt that Joe Biden is a clueless space cadet.