Biden Throws Obama And Himself Under The Bus In Desperate Attempt To Put A Positive Spin On High Gas Prices

Biden has achieved a new level of insanity. He canceled the XL pipelines on his first day in office, and gasoline prices have soared since then. He rejected American-produced oil due to the impact of ‘Climate Change’ but is now pushing OPEC to expand oil production.

Biden now has a massive problem at hand with hiked gas prices, and on top of that, the trillion-dollar bill he’s been trying to pass is being questioned under the circumstances, which he has tried to defend by stating that fossil fuel will not be taxed. But what about the rising inflation and the $3+ per gallon rise in price. Biden said during a speech that the prices are not as high as they used to be at the beginning of the year, but it is still high enough to pinch the wallets of the Americans.

Biden and his administration are very well aware of the problem at hand. In retrospect, he made a statement in which he said that the gas prices are lower than the last time he was in the office as the Vice-President alongside former President Obama, dragging him into the mud along with him. But he chose not to comment on the gas prices during Trump’s era. Maybe we all understand why.

He has taken a rather breezy approach in addressing the gas price hike, completely sinking the American working class and saying things like Americans should thank him as the prices are now lower than the last time he was in office. Perhaps if he had not made a stupid decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, the situation would not have come to this. Now his administration is allegedly begging OPEC to pump more oil so the prices can be lowered again. Talk about foolishness.