Biden Strengthens Commitment to “Gender-Affirming” Surgery For Children

The Biden administration stepped up its promotion of “gender-affirming care” for minors last week in a pointed letter to all 50 state attorneys general. The Justice Department warned each that they may be violating federal civil rights laws if they prevent children from these “services.”

A much more specific description of these “services” that states are urged to allow for minors is necessary to grasp the scope of what the U.S. president demands. For that, a check of the government’s own guide to “gender-affirming” care for young people, issued by the HHS Office of Population Affairs last week, is quite revealing.

Irreversible surgeries that include reforming the chest to a male-typical shape or breast enhancement, surgically altering genitals or reproductive organs, facial feminization and other procedures. Testosterone for “birth” females and estrogen for “birth” males, which is done in early adolescence and is only partially reversible.

The same day, the HHS’ National Child Traumatic Stress Network released its own document that calls early gender-affirming care “crucial.” Even further, in a seemingly direct response to the recent policy of Texas, the NCTSN assures that such treatments are not child abuse.

The Biden administration’s assault on common sense was only getting started. Beginning April 11, people will be able to select “X” as a gender on their passports, and the White House says it is working with airlines to allow passengers to make the same gender designation. TSA is also updating its guidelines for airport security to remove “gender considerations” from checkpoints.

Even the entry system to the White House itself is adding an “X” gender marker option for workers and visitors.

How far are we from having a list of the 72 genders on passports and scanners and being required to pick one? And just to be fair, male and female will be somewhere near the bottom, so imagine what must be scrolled past to get there.

Between war, inflation, the border crisis, crime waves, trillion dollar deficits, China, and either global warming or the coming ice age, how does President Biden find the time and energy to find yet another issue to be wrong on? Irreversible and life-altering elective surgeries for children are what the administration is hanging its hat on?