Biden Starts Asking Where The Texas Synagogue Terrorist Got His Gun

Only the hapless Joe Biden could take a tense, hours-long hostage situation in a synagogue and make himself seem even worse by saying foolish things about the situation. Unfortunately, as was the case with Donald Trump and the TDS-ridden left, Joe Biden is the president.

When Joe Biden first took office, he made a terrible, terrible speech that made news because of what he didn’t say vs. what he said. The White House occupier had difficulty determining the purpose of the hostage-taker, who was eventually shot and killed by law enforcement authorities.

When asked who could have been responsible for taking Jewish hostages inside a Pittsburgh synagogue, Biden stated, “There is more they will discover about the hostage-taker in the days ahead.” One might assume that a radicalized Islamist claiming to be the brother of imprisoned Aafia Siddiqui, dubbed “Lady Al-Qaeda,” would have a clear motivation for doing so, but Joe did not. Joe, on the other hand, thought the jury was still out.

Why is this the case? The answer is simple, but more on that in a moment. Every time a high-profile crime involving a weapon is committed, Democrats yank their hamstrings, racing to the television cameras to demand tighter gun-control laws.

Of course, Joe Biden’s crazy guess regarding the hostage-taker’s identity who shot and killed US Representative Gabrielle Giffords motivated the left’s gun-grabber narrative. Moreover, according to the reports, he spent the first night at a homeless shelter. It is hesitant to go into any more information because we don’t know all the details yet. But it is said that he bought it on the street. We are not sure what it means.