Biden Pummeled By Catholic Clerics For Assembly With Pope Francis Taking Communion

Biden claims Pope Francis advised him to continue receiving the sacrament, provoking criticism from Catholic priests who believe his attitude on abortion contradicts Church doctrine. Several bishops in the United States voiced their displeasure at the Pope’s reported comments to Biden. Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, shared conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke’s scathing blog article.

According to the Bishop of Providence, he believes that the Church has lost its prophetic voice. The bishop had previously challenged Pope Francis to refuse President Joe Biden communion due to his pro-abortion views. “His unwavering support for abortion is a disgrace to the Church and a scandal to the world,” he stated.

In a conversation with reporters, Biden claimed, “They simply chatted about how glad he was that he was a good Catholic and that he should keep getting Communion.” The president has been chastised for continuing to take communion and proclaiming his Catholic beliefs. This summer, a group of Catholic bishops convened to explore the possibility of a communion prohibition.

The bishop of Rome is the Pope, and the parish is theoretically part of his archdiocese. Around 30 individuals attended the Mass, and security officers were stationed along the aisles. The Bidens took a seat in the last row, which had been marked as “Reserved.”

The principal celebrant was the Rev. Joe Ciccone, vice-rector of St. Patrick’s and a member of the Paulist order, and he was accompanied by the Rev. Steven Petroff, the parish rector, and a third priest. The Associated Press covered the service.

Moreover, the Priest addressed In the Lord, communion is what draws us together. We are all flawed in some way. Life is a challenge for us. Father Ciccone’s sermon was a love meditation he says he wrote a few days ago before he knew the Bidens would be there.