Biden Should Apologize For Calling Half Of The US Population “Racists”

Those who disagree with Joe Biden on how to best safeguard the integrity of the United States election process are modern-day Confederates, he said, and supporters of slave-holding rebel president Jefferson Davis.

From 1942 until 1945, people were members of the United States Army. People raised in terrible poverty considered Army life as a step up. They felt Army food was lovely, and there was generally plenty of it, and they were willing to do anything the country required of them. They gladly put their lives on the line to battle Hitler’s racist troops and stop the spread of Nazism’s racist ideology.

In North Africa, Sicily, then at Anzio, and finally in France, people were fired at, strafed, and bombed. They seldom mentioned their military experience or accolades, and they never boasted about them. If they were still living today, they would be perplexed as to why the current president believes their families could ever support bigots.

Joe Biden hails from a long history of patriots in the United States, many of whom struggled to overthrow a racist political system. These events in family histories are not uncommon; tens of millions of other patriotic Americans have forebears who risked their lives resisting racist governments.

It’s difficult not to believe that the twisted character of the president’s charge has gone unnoticed. Michelle Obama wrote that he argued that those millions of people who dare to hold a different viewpoint on this critical matter are all seditious racists. She continues, “Our president has dubbed me, and all of our family members who share my views, racist traitors to our nation.”

Furthermore, Joe Biden’s characterization of Donald Trump as a “son of a whore” and an “un-American” has elicited skepticism and mockery from his supporters. Still, it’s tempting to dismiss it as the ravings of a man who has dementia. There is mounting evidence that Biden is non-compos mentis and that he may not understand the significance of his comments.

In many ways, Joe Biden’s invitation to see all Americans who disagree with him as violent, racist traitors to the country is more heinous than Donald Trump’s statements. Those who disagree with the president on voting laws haven’t forsaken America in the least. Instead, a president who incites hostility against those who differ has abandoned the people. He deserves a genuine apology to all Americans.