Biden Says ‘He Hasn’t Had Time’ To Visit The Border As President But ‘Has Been There Before’

Biden’s town hall on CNN only featured selective questions from a pre-approved list of attendees, but that too could not prevent ‘WTF’ moments, and the biggest of them all was when Biden told Anderson Cooper that he had not been to the border ever since he became the President. He further explained that he knows he should go down there, but he hasn’t had a lot of time as he’s been busy overlooking the $900 billion damage caused by the hurricanes and the floods and the overall weather and traveling the world.

His statement is straight-up laughable. Biden thinks that people will not see him slacking off by simply saying that he’s been busy with President duties. There hasn’t been a hurricane since September 3rd, and just this year, he’s been to Delaware 28 times, so we guess that’s where he’s been so held up. While Cooper asked him if he had any plans of visiting the Southern Border, Biden said that he had been there before, but according to fact-checkers, he hasn’t been to the border in the past 50 years of his political career.

It must have been one of the most embarrassing moments for Biden to lie about visiting the southern border in the past. Ironically, the President has been forming immigration policies, allowing the Southern border to be flooded with illegal aliens and setting them free into the states without a court date. If anything, he should have visited the border at least once by now to truly empathize with those in agony at the border.

If only the 78-year-old President would have the energy to spend more time in the White House instead of retreating to Delaware so often or make use of a fake oval office.