Biden Reverses Another Trump Policy: Bureau Of Land Management Headquarters To Return To The Swamp

Progressives have long advocated for the decentralization of certain federal administrative functions. They recognized the risks of power consolidation for liberty even then. There is less reason for all government agencies to be centralized today. Centralization has become obsolete as a result of contemporary communications. In actuality, Washington has ceased to exist as a federal government center since the invention of the telephone.

Donald Trump opted to transfer the Bureau of Land Management from Washington to a more geographically appropriate site for its function. Trump relocated the bureau to Grand Junction, Colorado, because of the scarcity of government land east of the Mississippi. That resulted in a shambles. Nobody desired to relocate from their important Washington positions to the suburbs. Grand Junction is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

Additionally, the Biden administration is hell-bent on undoing all Trump accomplished during his presidency. Biden has chosen to return BLM to Washington in response to criticism from federal employees and Democratic supporters. During the staff call, Haaland told The Washington Post that her first concern has always been for your health and restoring the BLM’s operations. Moreover, it scattered employees and programs around the Western Hemisphere, drove others away, and burdened those who remained.

However, BLM was founded to help employees cope with stress. It takes precedence over the BLM’s natural management of public lands. Is it more effective to do business from Washington or from the great open spaces of America, where the Bureau of Land Management oversees millions of acres of public lands?

Haaland and other BLM administrators have surveyed workers about the Trump administration’s last-minute decision to relocate to Grand Junction. Despite the outbreak, Washington headquarters employees were permitted to transfer to remote Colorado or other Western communities until last summer or face job loss.

Haaland noted during a July visit to Grand Junction that 287 of the 328 jobs anticipated to depart Washington had been retired or relocated. She informed reporters that just three employees relocated to Grand Junction, leaving nearly 80 positions vacant at the headquarters. People had no idea these jobs were held by government workers or anybody else. It’s absurd that these entitled cretins were able to commit blackmail. It’s not as if the BLM relocated its headquarters in the middle of the night and informed workers that they must relocate or risk losing their jobs. In July 2019, BLM headquarters employees were alerted. Management gave employees enough opportunity to migrate or seek jobs that they did not say more about entitled government workers than they did about how the relocation was handled.