Biden Proposes Stunning Changes to Title IX

On what should be a happy celebration of the 50th anniversary of Title IX’s landmark protection of women’s athletics, the Biden administration yanked the rug out from under those protections.

So much for a celebration. Biden’s Department of Education used Thursday’s occasion to roll out proposed rule changes that may effectively destroy women’s sports. It is hardly a secret what allowing males to compete in competitions with females will do.

And the damage is not just with males competing with women athletically. Under the guise of “inclusiveness, changing Title IX will open every space such as bathrooms and locker rooms to anyone who considers themselves female.

The administration plans to implement further regulations on students participating in sports outside of their birth gender. There is now a mandatory 60-day period for public comment on the proposed changes, and it will likely be several more months before it is finalized.

The pendulum is once again swinging on Title IX. Under the Obama administration, changes were made addressing what critics believed to be lax punishments for campus sexual assault and weak support for victims.

Former President Trump believed due process for the accused was being swept aside in a rush to judgment, and steps were taken to restore the presumption of innocence.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s comments Thursday are hardly reassuring. Far from being content with targeting sexual assault and harrassment, the administration is committed to erasing barriers based on “gender identity.”

This is progress?

The historic measure, enacted in 1972, mandated non-discrimination on the basis of sex in both education programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. It wasn’t an overnight success, especially in athletics, and progress is still being made.

However, women’s athletics are light-years ahead of the third-class citizenship status they endured for decades. Girls compete in a wide-variety of sporting events at every level of education, and the nation is richer for it.

To borrow a term the left is infatuated with lately, isn’t Title IX “settled” law?

Apparently not. Biden and his radical allies will not be content until misspeaking arbitrarily chosen pronouns is a punishable offense. Their end game has now shifted to female athletes being forced to compete with, and then share bathrooms and showers with biological males.