Biden Press Secretary Says He ‘Will Not Be Discussing an Investigation of His Son’ with AG Candidates

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President-elect Joe Biden will not be discussing any federal investigation of his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings with any candidates for attorney general, Biden’s incoming press secretary said Sunday.

Jen Psaki was asked by Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace whether Biden would promise to allow the U.S. attorney for Delaware to proceed with an investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes.

“He will not be discussing an investigation of his son with any attorney general candidates. He will not be discussing it with anyone he is considering for the role. And he will not be discussing it with a future attorney general,” Psaki said.

“It will be up to the purview of an attorney general in his administration to determine how to handle any investigation,” continued Psaki, who previously served as former president Barack Obama’s communications director. “As you know, U.S. attorneys, that’s a personnel decision, we’re far from there at this point in the process.”

Earlier this month, Hunter Biden announced that federal prosecutors were investigating his “tax affairs” but insisted he has handled his finances appropriately.

“I take this matter very seriously but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors,” the younger Biden said of the federal probe in a statement.

The former vice president addressed the investigation for the first time last week, saying he is “confident” his son did nothing wrong.

Psaki noted that several positions in the administration have yet to be filled and that the administration would “allow the process to work how it should, which is for a Justice Department to be run independently by the attorney general at the top.”