Biden Knew That After The US Withdrawal Afghan Air Force Would “Collapse”

In January 2021, the Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, John Sopko, presented his report. According to the IG office, a declassified version of the report that took a year to be released was uncommon. It’s astonishing how quickly and thoroughly Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghan retreat has faded from memory. He was concealing what we now know was American intelligence’s prediction for what would happen if the US left Afghanistan after 20 years.

SIGAR findings are rarely classified, according to the inspector general’s office, but when they are, the Pentagon releases a declassified version in less than two months. The agency claimed it didn’t know why it took more than a year for the Defense Department to declassify this information or why it did it now, five months after the Taliban took power.

During Afghanistan’s 20-year struggle, the Afghan army relied significantly on the air force, which American military experts and private contractors primarily maintained. The Afghanistan air force and ground defenses both crumbled when they fled during the Taliban’s decisive onslaught.

Joe Biden famously informed Americans that the Afghan army lacked the capacity of South Vietnam’s force. According to the reports, he had been warned by the intelligence community, and this special-inspector-report general was kept under wraps to delay and deflect blame. According to Biden, there will be no situation where individuals are hoisted from the roof of a US embassy in Afghanistan.

Moreover, Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw soldiers from Afghanistan was a political one, not a military one, and he didn’t want to be accused of breaking his campaign promise. Eight months before the collapse, a White House staff in a position to know better alerted the Pentagon that calamity was on the way. In the end, Joe Biden went forward with his plan.

President Joe Biden lied about his involvement in the Benghazi incident, but the scorecard says “Biden lied and people died,” not “he lied, and they died.” If a Republican had made the same error, the media might have recognized it and responded with the same anger.