Biden Knew Before July Ended That The Afghanistan Loss Was Imminent

Joe Biden delivered an offensive speech in commemoration of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. He triumphantly declared the retreat to have been a fantastic success despite the murders of 13 Americans, the Taliban’s ownership of $83 billion worth of top-of-the-line weapons, as well as an incredible number of abandoned Americans. Additionally, Biden hastened his retirement to give a speech on August 31. People were astounded by what they heard. He maintained that the Americans who remained were responsible for their condition.

He also stated that they have warned and offered to aid Americans in Afghanistan 19 times since March. After starting the evacuation 17 days ago, they found about 5,000 Americans who had previously opted to stay in Afghanistan but now wanted to leave. They may have received such notifications, but what mattered to them was that on July 8, Biden said categorically that the Taliban would not approach Kabul until everyone was secure.

Moreover, North Vietnam’s army is not affiliated with the Taliban. Also, they are not similar in terms of capacity. It is not comparable. The concept was that over 300,000 Afghan National Security Forces, trained and equipped over a two-decade period, would be a potent threat in their civil war with the Taliban. The notion that the Afghan government could continue to exist after the troops withdrew proved to be wrong.

When the moment came to persuade Americans to leave on July 23, Biden was aware of the reality. He concealed it because he felt that by acting, everything was alright. However, Reuters obtained a recording of Biden’s final phone call with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on January 23. While on the phone call, Biden sought to reassure an anxious Ghani that Afghanistan’s military was capable and that the US would assist. Ghani emphasized that they were facing a full-scale invasion that would include the Taliban, extensive planning of Pakistan, logistical assistance, and at least 10-15,000 foreign terrorists, the majority of whom are Pakistanis. Both Afghan and USA authorities have attributed the Taliban’s development to Pakistan’s assistance.

Biden encouraged Ghani to pretend his way to victory, despite his lack of military experience. While Biden stated that things are not going well across the world and in sections of Afghanistan, there is a requirement to provide a distinct image. Biden continued to tell people how a plan should look because he’s not a military man. Furthermore, the following day, national security advisor Jake Sullivan, General Mark Milley, and US Central Command commander General Frank McKenzie phoned Ghani to construct a triumph story. Incredibly, these people would engage in magical thinking while the inevitable unfolded. Therefore, Biden is unsuited to be president as well as the country cannot function with a lunatic in leadership.