Biden Keeps Adding Fuel to the Fire in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is about to enter its third month. Most observers felt that Putin would be victorious within a week or two and the rest of the world would be left to pick up the pieces. The combination of the fierce resistance by Ukraine and the massive amounts of arms flooding into the country by the western powers is a huge factor in frustrating Russia’s aims.

In addition to the weapons there is a massive amount of money flowing into Ukraine as well.

This means that the United States has sent over 2 billion dollars in aid and weapons since the beginning of the Biden administration. Sober thinking people do not want to see Russia prevail and Ukraine lose its sovereignty. There are a few challenges that may result because of such massive amounts of aid.

First, Ukraine is a notoriously corrupt country. It has ranked first on some indexes of corruption. There also does not appear to be very much oversight over who exactly is getting the weapons. These two factors make the chances that our weapons will find their way into the hands of bad actors very high. The Biden administration is not concerned about this given what happened in Afghanistan where we funded and armed a gigantic Taliban army with our disastrous withdrawal.

Next, no one yet has delineated an exit strategy from the conflict. NATO and the United States clearly want to make Putin get bogged down in the conflict. Some experts are arguing that we should extend the war as long as possible to max out the weakening effect on Putin and his regime. From an analytical perspective this may make sense, but it ignores the human cost.

Every day that the war goes on more civilians and Ukrainian soldiers die. If extending the conflict is our only strategy the human cost will be extraordinarily high. The US must establish conditions for peace and do whatever it can to encourage the parties to negotiate to end the conflict. Simply throwing money at the problem is not in our national interest. Biden and his team need to do better.