Biden Justice Department Tries Again To Get Supreme Court To Block Texas Heartbeat Act

Ever since Texas High Court banned abortion at six weeks once the heartbeat is detected, the law was immediately enacted with majority rule. Biden and his administration have been trying to undo it since. An emergency application from the Biden Department of Justice was filed to the Supreme Court to halt Texas law enforcement.

This month, Biden DOJ was granted a temporary blockade in law enforcement by US District Judge Robert Pitman. Still, Texas appealed the case to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which reversed the blockade.

The Texas Heartbeat Act requires abortionists to screen for the heartbeat of the preborn baby. If the heartbeat is detected, then abortion is out of the question only, except for medical emergencies. The law has paved the way for other states to enact abortion bans, like Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban. Though the law has also created avenues for planned parenthood and women’s health, it has slowed down the business for abortionists. While it enables the private citizens to bring a lawsuit to the abortionists instead of prosecution, the liberals on the west are in extreme opposition to it all.

The Biden administration has filed in the Supreme Court again, calling the law completely unconstitutional. Instead of asking the court to block the enforcement, it has presented the narrative that the Texas court took matters into its own hands and crafted an unprecedented structure to thwart judicial review. The DOJ has also presented the argument that abortion centers face actual harm due to the uncertainty of the law. Therefore, the new hearing from the Supreme Court will determine the future of the Texas Abortion law and whether it will be the pro-lifers getting it their way or the liberals.