Biden Just Admitted He Committed An Impeachable Offense

President Joe Biden has made many unconstitutional, unamerican, and inexplicable statements. Biden was the one that said, “We the people” means “we the government” and other nonsense.

Knowing you’re breaking the law or the constitution yet continuing to do so is a crime. Illegal activity has never been excused by ignorance of the law and won’t be in the future. Announcing the eviction moratorium, Biden told the press at an electric vehicle press conference that even if the suspension is unlawful, court battles and appeals will allow the government to maintain it until there is no other option.
It is fundamentally against Biden’s oath of office. It will harm the housing market for years because there is little protection for property owners but all protection for renters. If property owners lose their houses due to foreclosure, the market will be flooded, and everyone occupying that home will have no home to live in anyway. The eviction moratorium is ultimately slowing the inevitable if they feel that what they are doing is helping.

Biden said, “Here’s the deal, I can’t guarantee that the court won’t rule that we don’t have that authority, but at least we’ll have the ability to, if we have to appeal to keep this going for a month at least, I hope longer.

The point is, if you think something is against the law, then it probably is. That’s an excellent way to base your decisions on legality and a good starting point for researching the outcome of your actions. Biden is not doing that at all. This, along with his border handling has shown the United States citizens that he has no regard for laws or the constitution and will likely get impeached in the coming months, if not just after the 2022 midterm elections.

Inflation and business shutdowns have killed the middle class, renting out their properties and working full-time jobs. Unemployment was available and paid more than the average job, yet nobody had to pay rent and couldn’t get evicted but got paid more? It doesn’t make sense any way you cut it.

The Biden administration also gave the CDC the ability to enact the eviction moratorium. However, no one in the United States voted for the director, and the Supreme Court just declared that the CDC has the right to enforce an exclusionary eviction ban. It is madness.

The government can’t knowingly violate the constitution and force others to as well. That’s not how the United States works. The government is allowed to govern the people because the people will enable it. If we stop listening to the government, then they, therefore, have no power. If we impeach people who violate the constitution, we will get back to freedom and the foundation of this country.

The oath of office has officially been violated. Biden has to be held accountable.