Biden is Trying To Spin His Rail Strike Response As A Win

In the United States today, many rail workers have found themselves between a rock and a hard place. These blue-collar workers expressed they’re not being fairly compensated for the very critical work they do.

Some of the demands made by rail workers include paid sick days and higher pay overall. To drive home their seriousness, these employees threatened to go on strike. Rail workers also note frustrations with their union that they believe is doing little to truly stand up for them.

In the way of this threatened strike, lawmakers demanded for Biden to do something and get involved to cool things down. Now, the president’s given a response and is already hailing it as a win.

What to Know About Biden’s Commitment to Rail Workers
As a means of appeasing rail workers and preventing them from going on strike, Biden announced an improvement in workplace environments, boosted salaries, and so-called “peace of mind” regarding healthcare expenses.

According to the president, this is a “victory” that will keep current rail workers on the beat and attract new workers in the future.

As much as Biden wants the nation to believe all is well, this simply isn’t true. For one thing, the president failed to fully address the issues expressed by rail workers, such as their demand for paid sick days.

Even if the president manages to temporarily avoid a rail worker strike, this issue is far from over. Already, many of these employees have taken to social media, claiming Biden’s promises aren’t good enough and don’t meet their demands.

In many ways, Biden may have only delayed the inevitable unless serious future changes are made.

A Potentially Dangerous Future
With all the supply chain issues America faces, the last thing this nation needs is rail workers going on strike.

If such a strike occurs, this will stop the transportation of critical goods like oil barrels and food. The impacts of a potential rail worker strike are so significant that Amtrak recently put a pin in train rides spanning long distances.

Thus far, the White House says in the event of a rail worker strike, work is being done with air freight, truckers, and shippers to minimize disruptions.