Biden Is Trying To ‘Distract’ Americans From His Failed COVID Measures By ‘Provoking’ War With Russia

Despite the most outstanding efforts of our so-called military and political “experts,” fewer than one out of every six Americans supports sending US soldiers into Ukraine if armed war with Russia breaks out. According to the Charles Koch Institute, 73 percent of Americans would instead focus on home matters than international events right now. It suggests that Deep State agents acting as intelligence officers on Western media channels fail to persuade people that the US should get involved in international quagmires.

According to all indicators, the Democrats will lose the midterm elections. And pounding the war drums while making Putin (rather than Joe Biden) the most despised guy in America may fool some Americans into forgetting about the White House’s and Congress’s freedom-robbing policies. Huge supply chain bottlenecks, out-of-control inflation, and a never-ending push for vaccinations are all contributing to the President’s poll numbers plummeting.

Moreover, “borders should be inviolate,” said Joe Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor, and “sovereignty should be respected.” For decades, the West has been concerned with surrounding and agitating the Russian Bear via NATO expansion. While the Beltway elites may claim to be doing something in Ukraine and elsewhere, folks with eyes and ears hear there’s a far bigger game going on.

It’s a stretch for Joe Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor even to mention national autonomy, much less use it as a justification for war. After all, isn’t this the government that allows thousands of illegal immigrants to breach America’s southern border each day? The irony was not missed on Donald Trump, who criticized Biden’s blatant dishonesty on the subject during a rally in Texas.

Therefore, if Donald Trump stands for President in 2024, immigration, border security, and anti-globalist policies will be significant. With that tactic, he won the White House in 2016, and polling evidence shows that Americans would back him up on those issues again. If he’s serious about running for re-election, he should make those concerns top-of-mind campaign topics.