Biden is Not Going to Escape the Shadow of Afghanistan

The current disasters happening abroad are directly related to Afghanistan and how Biden dealt with US troops in the country.

The president foolishly decided that removing US troops before evacuating American citizens and allies was the best call. This resulted in 13 service members losing their lives. It also led to the Taliban coming back into power.

Biden never once apologized or even admitted that he could have done things better. Instead, he stood before America and claimed that his handling of Afghanistan was nothing short of a “success.”

Other world leaders, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, watched how poorly Biden handled affairs in Afghanistan. This is directly tied to why Ukraine is currently under attack now and why Taiwan could soon come under fire from China.

As all this plays out, conservative radio host Erick Erickson has explained that Biden’s mishaps in Afghanistan set the stage for what’s currently happening, per Twitchy.

The Looming Shadow of Afghanistan

On Twitter, Erickson pointed out that Biden’s mismanaged withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan cost him the support of the country.

Ultimately, the conservative radio host explained that how Biden handled affairs in Afghanistan led to him being widely viewed as incompetent and without empathy.

This is spilling over into not just geopolitical events, but also other problems facing the United States. This is why Americans see bare shelves in stores, high gas prices, inflation, etc., and are reminded of Biden’s absent empathy and lack of competence.

Finally, Erickson took note of Biden’s refusal to admit that he did not handle things successfully in Afghanistan. This directly correlates with a massive rise in Biden’s disapproval rating. To this day, the president’s disapproval ratings just keep climbing.

World War III?

While Biden’s mistakes in Afghanistan certainly paved the way for the war in Europe, his responses to the crisis certainly aren’t helping anything.

Days ago, the president claimed that US troops would be going into Ukraine; he also stated that if Russia hit Ukraine with chemical weapons, America would react “in kind.”

Given current tensions, remarks like this could very well kick off World War III. Nearly immediately after Biden made these comments, his own White House quickly pushed back against them.

According to the White House, US troops won’t be heading into Ukraine, nor will America be hitting Russia with any chemical weapons.

At the rate things have been going, Biden’s mistakes in Afghanistan could be a blip on the radar of mistakes he makes between now and 2024.