Biden is Leaving Key Details Out of His Business Budget

To this day, Joe Biden’s talking points about the US economy do not mesh with reality. The president argues the country’s economy has grown on his watch; however, inflation rates are absolutely destroying wages earned by the everyday middle-class worker.

Biden claims that high gas prices and inflation are consequences of the war in Ukraine. But the war started well after America was already dealing with these economic problems.

When it comes to the economy, the White House is choosing gaslighting over transparency and excuses over solutions.

At the same time, the president just put out a new business budget proposal for 2023; yet it’s missing some key details, as reported by Washington Free Beacon.

What the Biden Administration Has in Store For the Economy
In light of where inflation stands today, any fiscal budget proposal should involve massive decreases in spending. Of course, this is not part of the president’s agenda at all.

In fact, by the time 2023 gets here, Biden wants the federal government to foot a $10 million bill for cars that don’t release any gas emissions. Meanwhile, Americans with regular vehicles are being crushed as they try to afford current gas prices.

In a nutshell, this 2023 business budget proposal from Biden involves heaps of new spending. However, what it doesn’t at all account for is inflation. It doesn’t account for reports of a likely recession next year, nor does the fiscal proposal involve details that would lower the national deficit.

Nevertheless, Biden and his allies in the federal government are doing all they can to promote his business budget proposal. In actuality, if this proposal passes, it will take the US economy over a cliff.

Massive Backlash From the GOP
Republicans aren’t pleased about what Biden has come up with at all.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) reacted to the proposal by slamming it as out of touch. This is especially impactful, considering Ernst’s position as a Senate Small Business Committee member.

In remarks to the media, the GOP lawmaker also warned that Biden cares more about making radical climate change activists happy than about easing nationwide economic burdens.
Other conservative members of Congress have similar viewpoints.

The predominant argument here is that this business budget proposal takes nothing about inflation, recession predictions, wages, etc., into account.

In order for the president’s business budget to pass, it will require congressional overview. This is all the more reason why Congress needs to return to a GOP majority.