Biden is Facing Bipartisan Backlash Over Kickbacks to China

More often than not, Joe Biden has been able to count on Democrats having his back and reinforcing his agendas. However, as time passes, some cracks in this pattern are beginning to emerge. Bipartisan pushback against some of Biden’s policies is slowly appearing.

Multiple Democrats joined their GOP colleagues in calling for the president not to scrap Title 42. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle cautioned that eliminating Title 42 would lead to uncontainable amounts of migrants coming to the southern border.

The only thing keeping Title 42 alive right now is a court order that stops Biden from scrapping this measure.

Meanwhile, the president is now in hot water over his refusal to make China pay tariffs on products entering the United States.

Bipartisan Backlash Against Biden’s Trade Policies
In a heavily divided political climate, Republicans and Democrats alike have decided it’s a bad call for the president not to make China pay tariffs on its goods that come into America.

Now, the Biden administration argues that Chinese tariffs are a driving cause of inflation; however, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle aren’t falling for it.

During the Trump administration, tariffs were put in place and inflation was a non-factor. The same cannot be said in Biden’s America, though.

Seven Republicans and two Democrats signed a letter to Biden that urges him to uphold tariffs on China.

In this letter, the bipartisan group of lawmakers explains that without tariffs, China will be less compelled to take America seriously when it comes to negotiations.

On top of that, US employees and businesses will be overwhelmed with imports en masse without tariffs on China.

Will Biden Take the Advice?
With Republicans and Democrats able to see eye-to-eye on the danger of granting China immunity from tariffs, it begs to question how the president will respond.

Sadly, Biden doesn’t have the best track record of listening to advice that goes against what he wants to do; this is true even when Republicans and Democrats are able to see eye to eye on certain issues.

Keystone XL pipeline is a prime example of Biden’s unwillingness to heed dissenting voices.

Months ago, moderate Democrats, such as Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Jon Tester (D-MO), joined Republicans in urging Biden to restore the operations permit for this pipeline. To this day, it remains on ice.

All things considered, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Biden to reinstate tariffs on communist China.