Biden Is About To Follow Ford And Carter In The US Hall Of Shame

The weak American President had just rushed 5,000 soldiers back to Kabul to extract US Embassy personnel and possessions before the Afghan capital collapsed after taking US forces from Afghanistan, leaving behind a tower block of military hardware as a costly gift to the Taliban to collect while blowing the US House of Cards policies known as “nation-building” in Afghanistan. Moreover, the primary concern here is that when would America see that corrupt henchmen and ideology-driven killings in the Middle East and parts of Asia cannot be used to create democracy?

Additionally, the Islamic regime’s henchmen marched blindfolded US embassy personnel out of the Kabul Tehran embassy, hands in the air in passive surrender. Ahmadinejad was idolized by left-wing American students when he was granted entry to the United States to attend a conference as the victorious Iranian. Brainwashed students at a non-American school revered him. However, Biden has failed every endeavor he has undertaken during his brief seven months in government. He has been powerless to halt the influx of illegal migrants, the Keystone pipeline, or the increase in gasoline costs. Biden has also failed to stop the rise in crime rates across the United States.

President pleaded with the Taliban to spare the US Embassy until he could evacuate people and intelligence assets before a band of illiterate sheepherders took them on their way to defeating the world’s most powerful nation. In this regard, Joe Biden also stated that the Taliban are comparable to the Vietnamese army. Subsequently, the Afghan military was trained and supervised by General Mark Milley, the US Commander. He recently testified before Congress that he is okay with military soldiers and officers being imbued with the controversial racist critical race theory, which would cause brothers in arms to doubt their racist country’s moral strength.

The Taliban are executing increasing numbers of captured Afghan troops as they strive to seize the nation. According to reports, they provided the Afghan regime $130 billion to pay phantom armies who tampered with the uninspected records. Correspondingly, Lt. Gen. Mark Milley was unaware of this development. It is the Taliban who are now more potent than at any point in history. Additionally, Al-Qaida, ISIS, and Hezbollah are on the verge of joining the alliance. By resigning, therefore, President Biden has paved the path for another September 11th (9/11).