Biden Hands Crony Appointment to Chris Dodd

Joe Biden earlier this month named his political ally for decades and former Democratic senator from Connecticut Chris Dodd to represent the U.S. at a government summit of Latin American and Caribbean leaders. The appointment is likely to be of great benefit to Dodd in his extensive financial dealing in the region.

Dodd has been tabbed to act as the U.S. special advisor to the Summit of the Americas. The meeting takes place every three years and includes national leaders from throughout the Western hemisphere.

The appointment appears to pose a conflict of interest for Dodd due to his work on Latin American issues for the top-level lobbyist law firm Arnold & Porter. The firm’s Latin American division touts its connections to U.S. federal government officials and provides strategic and legal advice to business firms operating in the region.

The Arnold & Porter firm is a federally registered foreign lobbyist for several of the nations that will participate in the summit scheduled to take place in Los Angeles in June.

Dodd and Biden have been friends and political allies for many years. Biden asked Dodd to handle the process of chosing his running mate in the 2020 election, even though Dodd still carried the baggage associated with previous allegations of sexual misconduct.

Dodd was alleged to have acted in cooperation with late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) to grope a waitress at a Washington restaurant in 1985 while both were intoxicated. The incident has been described over the years as the “waitress sandwich” affair.

Dodd is also a close friend and business associate of disgraced Hollywood power player Harvey Weinstein. Dodd admitted to giving Weinstein preferential treatment when he acted as head of the Motion Picture Association of America.

A group of powerful clients of Arnold & Porter will have inside access at the upcoming summit. Disclosures made to the DOJ show that the firm represents the governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, and El Salvador.

A spokesperson for Arnold & Porter told reporters at the Washington Free Beacon that Dodd has entered into an ethics agreement with the State Department regarding his appointment. Apparently he has promised he will not participate in “any matter that would benefit the firm or its clients.”