Biden Goes Full America-Last, Won’t Prioritize Getting Americans Out Of Kabul Over Afghans

Whatever the primary objectives of the Biden administration, preserving the safety and security of the United States and its citizens is not one of them. The Associated Press stated in February that Joe Biden rejected his predecessor’s ‘America First’ and transactional policy and urged for engagement among Western allies. As a consequence, managers of Biden have said that Americans would not be prioritized in determining who will receive assistance in escaping the present situation in Kabul. Additionally, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich that they’ll put as many people as they can on those planes to obtain additional airlift out of Kabul. In addition to Americans, there would be Afghan Special Immigrant Visa applicants. He also highlighted that they’d focus on removing people from the country, first the Americans, then the SIV applicants.

The Afghans appear to be the center of the discussion at this time. Heinrich believes the Biden administration plans to identify Afghans arriving in America. Furthermore, DOD wants to send up to 30,000 Afghan SIV candidates to the US soon. According to one of these Defense Department documents, an Afghan SIV applicant may be sent to temporary housing while being assessed for release. However, according to Kirby, As a result of the situation in Afghanistan, the Department of States may permit the relocation of Afghan SIV applicants into temporary housing until their eligibility for parole is determined.

Moreover, according to Business Insider, Islamic State and al-Qaeda prisoners were among those freed from a Kabul jail on Sunday. Early Sunday, the Taliban attacked Bagram Airbase. It is where the 5,000 people Pul-e-Charkhi jail is located. It is the most infamous prison in Afghanistan. A cellblock for al Qaeda and the Taliban. In a video provided by a pro-Taliban Afghan news channel, militants appear to be releasing captives.

What could go wrong? There is no possibility in the universe that any of those al-Qaeda and Islamic State jihadis could be arrested and transferred to the United States, is there? However, is it correct if People believe that the possibility of these extremists entering the United States as Afghan refugees is implausible? Unluckily, it’s wrong. For that reason, as Kirby added, America will concentrate on getting people out of the country and then working it out at the next stop. Additionally, even if it tried, the Biden Defense Department would be unable to identify jihadis the Afghans it brings to the United States. After all, it rejects the reality of global jihad and regards Islamic terrorism as a misappropriation of the Religion of Peace’s valid message. Would authorities misled by dogmas detect signs of terrorist intent after they enter the United States? Certainly not. They will be conditioned to regard all expressions of Islam as benign, and any suggestion that a strong commitment to Islam may presage a desire for jihad will be labeled Islamophobia.

However, bringing 30,000 Afghans into the country is insane, especially after some Afghan government officials welcomed the Taliban as brothers and handed them their weapons. It’s the equivalent of setting off a live bomb in Times Square on a Saturday night. However, as President Biden acknowledged in February, prioritizing “America First” is not a priority. Citizens of the US are now experiencing what that entails.