Biden Globally Humiliated After New Taliban Video Taunts Him With US Military Equipment

Biden is once again a target of humiliation and embarrassment after a recent video of Taliban’s went viral. They showed off the US military equipment they seized as the US troops evacuated entirely on the 31st. He has become the laughing stock for the world as the Taliban taunts him by flaunting billions of dollars worth of US military equipment by organizing a parade in Kandahar.

Kandahar is the second biggest city of Afghanistan on the Southern side of the country. Kandahar airport had been under US military use since the US military occupation in Afghanistan two decades ago. Various technologically advanced equipment and arsenal had been placed for the benefit of American troops there. Not just this, the remaining five of the US military bases in Afghanistan were loaded with top-tier military equipment, the likes of which are exclusive to the US only. Leaving such equipment behind has been the biggest mistake by Biden. For the Taliban, getting their hands on such equipment means transforming their capacity from that of the 15th century to the 21st century and has threatened the safety of the entire region.

Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving behind massive reserves of equipment and weapons, has made the Taliban very happy. They’re flaunting it to the world, leaving behind a scene of humiliation for Biden. The video has made a joke out of the American presidency, showing that the nation that claims to be the most powerful was not competent enough to even prevent the Taliban’s from getting their hands on such weapons, let alone avoid their occupation of Afghanistan after 20 years of war in the country.

It is a global embarrassment for the nation. Biden needs to be held accountable for America’s failure in Afghanistan and leaving the country to be a Disneyland for the Taliban.