Biden Gets Foggy Talking About Daughter’s Wedding: ‘My Mind Is Going Blank Now’

“Laughing Out Loud” has hit its full potential with Biden’s recollection of his daughter’s wedding. Forgetting details is common, but as President of the United States, you should know what you’re talking about if you’re going to go off-script, and Biden didn’t know what he was talking about.

“My mind is going blank now” is the phrase Biden decided to go with when he forgot a song played at his daughter’s wedding. The music was played while the bride and groom were raised on chairs by the crowd of family and friends, but who cares what the song is called when the entire speech was a disaster. Most Americans probably don’t know what the song’s called anyway, and who cares if they don’t.

Why is the President of the United States asking rhetorically “What’s the song that is played where everybody is on the chair?” The American people are asking Biden the questions, not the other way around.

The point of the speech was to bring up the apparent Afghanistan takeover by the Taliban. Biden said that we “deep, we are deep, deeply mindfully of a world outside of our borders,” as if the Jewish references and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan aren’t related, and you can’t help but reflect on the Nazi takeover of Germany. Just as the Afghans, the Jewish people were seen as less than humans by the new governmental power and were executed. Does Biden not see a correlation between the two events? And what does he think about the segregation of unvaccinated people? Too many parallels to mention.

Biden lied about a visit to The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh that never happened. He said that he remembers spending time at the Synagogue. Still, the Synagogue executive director, Barb Feige, doesn’t remember that and says that Biden didn’t visit the Synagogue after the deadly attack that killed 11 people. Kind of like Biden’s college statistics that he lied about as well. Either he was delusional in the ’80s or just a liar, the character trait seems to follow him into his Presidency.

We told Democrats that this would happen. Total distrust for the federal government on this large scale would happen if Biden was elected and Democrats regret their decision.

Biden’s approval rating is 43%, according to an NPR, PBS NewsHour, and Marist poll. After his decisions have cost United States service members their lives, America notices the discrepancies in Biden’s ability to lead versus his confidence during his campaign. Since being elected, Biden has ignored the Black American community even though his entire campaign was race-based.