Biden Falls Into Incoherence Again, Shows How Bothered He Is By Protesters

Nick Arama recently reported on how signs reading “F Joe Biden” made their way to Joe Biden. How did he find out? On September 11th, when visiting the Shanksville 9/11 memorial, he addressed it. “How do the dead think?” he enquired, calling the dead as Biden stated. They believe it is fun to bike down the street and come across a placard reading ‘F so-and-so? He was effectively defending himself by utilizing the dead as if they would object to criticism. On 9/11, this was strange and inconvenient.

Hundreds of demonstrators screamed “F Joe Biden” when he landed in Michigan today, a battleground state. He was in grave danger, and the majority of the state’s populace despised his policies. Indeed, protesters outnumbered supporters during his welcoming ceremony, where he received only lukewarm applause and a few claps. Joe Biden’s words to the Operating Engineers union indicated that he was feeling the protestors’ wrath.

The five members of the audience concurred? A popular figure like him must be challenging to support. On the roadway, hundreds more chanted against him. Therefore, if he wants to discuss what places such as Howell, Michigan, have to say, he rejects delivery. According to a recent Michigan poll, he is unpopular, with 39% approving while 53% disapproving. As a result, he must excuse himself. Unfortunately, he is not assisting by doing anything deserving of assistance.

Furthermore, he made a weird remark regarding Gretchen Whitmer and her lieutenant governor. Biden expounded that it’s a pleasure to be there with my friend, Whitmer. The Lieutenant Governor protects her physically, psychologically, and in every other way. People are not sure, and they’re interested in learning what he means.

However, Biden mumbled something about his “grandpop.” You win if you can determine where Grandpop allegedly worked. It was played by Grandpop “about 1920, in that area.” That has nothing to do with charging stations for electric vehicles. People are puzzled. Biden said, apparently to the media he’s still learning how to fly drones, folks. Given his administration’s recent assassination of ten individuals, including seven children, in an Afghan drone operation, such a joke may be premature. Not to mention that it sounds menacing. If President Trump made such a remark, it would be covered extensively by CNN. Therefore, despite Biden’s lofty rhetoric, Americans perceive his actions and decisions as harmful.