Biden Burrows At Trump While Crowing About Infrastructure And Social Investing Bills

Biden has finally touted a way for the bi-partisan spending bill and claimed the $1.7 trillion which will land on his desk soon would be used for social welfare and climate control. While boasting about his spending bill, he remembered his predecessor Donald Trump with some very harsh memories.

Biden described the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill as a once-in-a-generation investment on the American people, a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America. He jokingly declared it infrastructure week in a dig at Donald Trump. Before leaving for his beach house in Delaware, Biden made a public address that the bill is for all those that feel left behind in the continuously changing economy. He also added that most of the jobs created due to the bill wouldn’t require any degree either.

The bill was passed by chamber after the Senator approved the infrastructure deal that carried 13 Republican votes after it was sabotaged by some left-wing lawmakers that pulled out at the last minute because they pledged not to let the Administration create devastating consequences for the economy on their spending spree.

During the same address, Biden thanked the House for taking a big step forward and passing his Build Back Better Act, for which he was also optimistic it would be passed in the Senate as well. While taking questions from the reporters, Biden answered some about last week’s Virginia race and mentioned that he learned from the lost elections that the people only want the Democrats to live up to the claims they made during the campaign. He declared that he is trying to do his best and that by being out of politics for four years, he has gotten rusty. But what about all your promises during the campaign, Joe?

He unapologetically mentioned that his Administration is doing more to compensate for the wrongdoings of Biden by opening up the borders to those Trump did not allow in the country. And what did that do? It crippled the economy and only worsened the pandemic. Not a good strategy was trying to slam Trump.