Biden Brags About How Many Jobs Have Been Created Since He Took Office And Nobody’s Buying It

Biden must think he is so intelligent by trying to twist the facts to his favor. In his recent public address, Biden had to present the report on the country’s employment status. While people were already pissed off about his delayed presence at the address, he did not bear good news and instead twisted some facts to turn it into good news.

About 2.2 million people went out of jobs when the pandemic struck as the economic activities had to be shut down. The Biden Administration had promised to generate thousands of jobs by September but did not deliver what they promised. Instead, Biden imposed mask mandates and semi-lockdowns while his immigration policies allowed thousands of illegals inside the country amid the delta variant of the Covid-19. He dared to blame the unemployment on Covid-19 as if he did not cancel the Keystone pipeline, which would’ve created thousands of job opportunities. While people were already skeptical of his lies, Biden or whoever runs his Twitter account took to Twitter and wrote that 5 million jobs had been created in the first eight months of his administration.

Everyone with a right mind knows what a devastating situation the pandemic had caused for the citizens of the United States. Millions were rendered jobless as businesses shut down, and now as the businesses finally open up and people are getting back to their old jobs, Biden is trying to take credit for it. Closing down the economy and then opening it back up is not job creation. Somebody needs to knock some sense into him before the whole of America realizes what he is trying to get at. Many have already started criticizing him for his tweet.