Biden Backs Work Permits For Illegal Aliens, Shamelessly Supports Firing Unvaxxed Americans

We’ve been inundated with the ever-worsening repercussions of Joe Biden’s America for just over nine months. Clueless Joe proclaimed the nation’s economy on the right track while stumping in Virginia for Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s dumpster fire gubernatorial campaign.

Since March, more than 160,000 illegal aliens have entered the United States, and it’s logical to anticipate that many of those who continue to enter the nation will seek employment if they haven’t already. On October 12, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas directed ICE to halt worksite raids searching for illegal aliens. The Biden administration would instead focus on companies that hire illegals.

Instead, they’ve been sent all across the country, with no notification from the federal government to state or local governments. According to one estimate, approximately 7,000 illegal immigrants have gone through only one Texas City, McAllen, in the last month.

Moreover, between January 1, 2021, and early October, ICE released almost 16,000 COVID-positive illegals. The more significant concern is how many people were not apprehended once they entered the nation. Schools enforce mask regulations on youngsters with Biden’s permission, and vaccine mandates for children as young as five are threatened. Anderson Cooper questioned Biden if key workers who fail to comply with vaccine laws should be sent home during Biden’s phony town hall on CNN. “Yes and yes,” Biden says. One out of every three emergency responders refuses to comply with local vaccine regulations in certain areas, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and Baltimore.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News wonders why illegal immigrants flock to the United States now that immigration enforcement has been delayed in the US under Joe Biden. Because they don’t care what American residents think, the administration has unleashed over 160,000 illegal aliens into the nation without monitoring and informing the people whose communities they’ll be moving into.

It’s okay to be an illegal alien in Joe Biden’s America, even if you’re COVID-positive. People can’t attend events or work in this nation unless they’ve been vaccinated. “Joe Biden’s America” is a place where people who feel they have the freedom to choose what they put into their bodies are dismissed from their jobs with the president’s support. At the same time, tens of thousands of illegal aliens continue to pour across the southern border unchallenged. A guy tells a reporter, “Because of Joe Biden.”