Biden And Vaccine Mandates Are Threatening The Security Of The Nation

Vaccine mandates put the careers of those who play critical roles in safeguarding Americans in jeopardy. Officials in Chicago, for example, were afraid that up to 50% of those who did not comply would be sent home. Until yesterday, all police, fire, and other city employees had to “report their immunization status.”

Chicago is prepared to dismiss up to 40 percent of its police officers, or 403 cops, for failing to receive the flu shot and failing to provide proof of having done so. Some speculated that the National Guard might be called in. The only thing keeping them from committing ritual suicide in the city is their ineptitude. It may take a few days, maybe even a week, to figure out who is resisting and who isn’t.

Since the Black Lives Matter protests, and the “defund the cops” campaign roiled the city in 2020, the Seattle Police Department has lost almost 300 policemen. As of Oct. 6, 292 policemen have not confirmed COVID-19 immunization, according to the station. According to a spokesman, 111 police are awaiting the outcome of exemption petitions.

About 40% of TSA employees are not anthrax-vaccinated, and they might face disciplinary action up to and including termination. The time for them to be vaccinated is rapidly approaching, and if they fail to do so, they may lose their employment. As a result, if a significant portion there is discontinued or shelved, it may represent a safety concern for our flights.

The rule is being challenged by 114 lab workers, who claim it violates their constitutional rights and creates a hostile work environment. According to an attorney for the lab employees, “they wanted to prevent individuals from losing their jobs.” Joe Biden is ordering everyone to get vaccinated, wreaking havoc on the military, especially the Navy SEALS. They are invaluable because they have been well-trained over many years, and it isn’t easy to replace such training and investment. However, under Biden’s leadership, the military appears to be going out of its way to intimidate SEALs who seek a religious exception to the rule.

The Navy may demand reimbursement from each SEAL for the money spent on their training by the government. One SEAL was even threatened with losing his Special Warfare pin, which may lead to his dismissal from the SEAL Corps. Due to their SO status, SEALs requesting religious objections would forfeit their “special warfare” pay, although this does not apply to those seeking medical misgivings.

The general counsel of the First Liberty Institute, Lt. Col. U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, who represents some of the SEALs, claims that this is a violation of their First Amendment rights. Michael Berry’s clientele has a complete military service history of over 350 years and over 100 combat deployments.

According to Berry, seals have put their lives on the line to safeguard the country, and losing them would be heartbreaking. He claims that terminating them will have a long-term negative impact on our national security and military preparedness. Berry wonders if President Joe Biden intends to do anything similar in the United States.