Biden Administration Said Americans Are ‘Stupid’

A study detailing the Administration’s intention to deliver crack pipes to drug users was labeled “misleading and ignorant” by the Department of Health and Human Services. When contacted for clarification, a Spokesman supplied no proof as a reason. A second Representative responded ten hours later, denouncing the claim once more but providing no proof.

According to the reports, “independent” “fact-checkers” reused the Administration’s talking points. Crack pipes, for example, were “only one of about 20 components” of a grant program, according to Snopes. They added syringes, immunizations, condoms, and fentanyl strips to the list. The Snopes story did not contain a single word that contradicted what they had stated. Facebook censored the story after another “fact check” by the website Lead Stories found it to include “false information.” The website’s co-founder has given thousands of dollars to Democrats but none to Republicans.

Moreover, Press Secretary for the White House, crack pipes “weren’t” included in the “safe smoking kits” detailed in official records. The Drug Policy Alliance chastised the Administration for “backtracking” and expressed regret that government funds will no longer be utilized to place pipes in safer smoking supplies. Both fact checks were amended after the government confirmed that “no federal funds will be used” to supply crack pipes to impoverished populations.

The White House claims that right-wing media outlets publish “inaccurate reporting” and propagate “blatant falsehoods.” Pipes are included in the smoking kits given to crack users by existing harm reduction clinics around the country. Consider a program run by the California Department of Public Health that explicitly promotes glass pipes. Crack pipes are included in smoking kits in other locations such as Annapolis, MD., New Haven, Conn., and Seattle.

According to a Representative for the Administration of Health and Human Services (HHS), the department does not prescribe smoking kits, leaving that decision to local program participants. The New York Times reported on Thursday evening that “the department did not answer when asked by the New York Times if glass pipes were ever allowed under the grant restrictions.”

Therefore inconvenient news is often dismissed as “misinformation” by the Biden Administration without being refuted. Officials in the Administration strike out at anyone who doubts their authority or expresses suspicion. When it comes to unpleasant news regarding crack pipes, it’s understandable that the Biden Administration would be extra sensitive. But that doesn’t explain their blatant misrepresentation or their astonishingly low regard for the intelligence of the American people.