Biden Administration May Send Troops to Defend Embassy in Ukraine

Joe Biden’s administration says the Pentagon is now considering sending U.S. special operations forces into Ukraine to guard America’s embassy in the capital city of Kyiv. A plan is being considered that will deploy dozens of troops to the embassy and a Marine detachment to the generally affected area.

The preliminary discussions are reportedly being described as a likely possibility if officials determine the embassy is threatened by Russian forces.

Biden has consistently said that the U.S. will not send any troops into Ukraine for any reason. He said in the days following the Russian invasion that America “will not fight the third world war in Ukraine.” Then in April he told Congress that he will not send American troops into Ukraine but will “provide robust military assistance.”

Now, the possible deployment of special operations forces would go to the newly-reopened U.S. embassy in Kyiv. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters that military leadership is “in close touch” with State Department officials about security for the embassy now that it is back in operation. He emphasized that no decisions have been made at senior Department of Defense levels.

Biden has not yet been presented with a formal proposal for troop deployment. In the event he does approve a plan, it will reportedly only provide for defense of the embassy facilities. The embassy area lies within the current range of Russian missiles.

Fox News reported that two Pentagon sources confirmed that a “range of options” are being discussed in the event it is determined the embassy needs military protection. Those options would include sending American troops into the area of the Russian invasion.

The Pentagon sources also said the U.S. intends to resume training Ukrainian personnel inside that country’s borders in the same manner as before the Russian invasion began.

Congress has not taken any votes to authorize specific military actions against Russia. Nevertheless, the media and high-ranking defense officials have promoted a clash with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Eastern Europe.

According to Biden, the recently passed $40 billion aid package for Ukraine will permit the U.S. to “send even more weapons and ammunition” into the fight while furthering support for “U.S. troops stationed on NATO territory.”