Biden Administration Is Withholding Report On Illegal Aliens

The Department of Homeland Security has submitted a report to Congress on the number of foreign nationals who stay in the United States on expired visas. Still, the data has not been made public. It is a divergence from federal transparency requirements and a breach of legislative instructions. DHS has made the yearly report on suspected visa overstays publicly available immediately after providing it to Congress since at least the Obama administration.

Out of concern for national security, Congress mandated that the report be made public online. The Biden administration’s inability to release the study comes as the southern border sees an all-time high influx of migrants.

According to former immigration officials, the government failed to disseminate a study on illegal immigration written by professional subject matter experts. According to them, the administration’s failure is consistent with its desire to avoid stigmatizing the illegal immigrant community. Jon Feere, a former senior counsel for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, says it’s in line with “the Biden administration’s fundamental aversion to transparency.”

According to Jon Feere, head of the Center for Immigration Studies, Biden’s rules on overstaying visas are “a smack in the face to all State Department personnel.” The federal government is obligated by law to publish an annual report on the number of foreign people suspected of overstaying their visas. As part of a bipartisan attempt to properly track immigration system abuses, the House and Senate must also report.

Every year, the Department of Homeland Security issues a report on the status of foreign visitors who are no longer permitted to reside in the United States. Starting with the Obama administration, the DHS followed a statutory requirement mandating it for five years. Each year, under former President Donald Trump, the report was published on the Department of Homeland Security’s website. The identification of such people does not always trigger deportation procedures.

The reporters contacted every office in the House and Senate for comment on the 2019 report. None of the offices responded to requests for comment, including those of strong critics of Biden’s immigration policies. The bill’s immigration measures, according to critics, might result in the issue of hundreds of thousands of visas.