Biden Administration “Boasted” About Moving Migrants Into United States

A top White House official boasted a covert operation to move 13,000 migrants across the southern border and into the United States. An unidentified insider praised President Joe Biden’s former head of border control in a New Yorker feature. Many migrants lived in temporary encampments along the border for more than two years.

A White House source told the New Yorker that 13,000 migrants were placed in Mexico with little or no notification to local governments. According to one person who works for Homeland Security, the resettling of the migrants was likely part of the Biden Administration’s conclusion of the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Critics claim that ending the program resulted in a wave of aircraft and buses carrying migrants coming across Mexico.

Moreover, a new book names the former head of border control for President Joe Biden’s National Security Council. Andrea Flores worked on some of Joe Biden’s most divisive immigration initiatives. One of them was the repeal of “Remain in Mexico” and the loosening of the restrictions for foreigners seeking refuge. According to a recent biography of Flores, left-wing activists have moved President Joe Biden to the left on immigration. On immigration, many far-left Democrats and activists are calling for more from a Democratic-led Administration.

Andrea Flores, the Biden Administration’s former Deputy Press Secretary, left the White House last October. Flores told the New Yorker that President Joe Biden’s team listened to her demands for Trump’s border measures to be phased out. Last year, polls revealed that Biden’s approval rating on immigration had plummeted.

The whole scope of the Biden Administration’s immigration plans is cloaked in mystery. DHS announced last month that it is unable to trace roughly 50,000 migrants who were allowed into the US between March 21 and August 31 of last year.