Biden Admin Is Planning To Give ‘Legal Assistance’ To Illegal Immigrants ‘Funded By Taxpayers’

President Joe Biden’s Administration plans to launch a new government program to give “legal assistance” to border crossers and illegal aliens. American taxpayers will pay the initiative. The idea would ensure that private contractors working with the Department of Homeland Security assist illegal aliens arriving at US-Mexico border posts with various legal services.

The Department of Homeland Security established a new initiative to improve legal assistance for individuals trying to cross the United States and Mexico. Legal access at the Border (LAB) will assist migrants in preparing for the immigration legal procedure, but it will not provide them with legal representation. Moreover, Contractors will be on hand to answer questions on how to stay in the United States while deportation proceedings are pending, as well as general immigration court procedures.

The Biden Administration has announced intentions to extend legal assistance for illegal immigrants and border crossers seeking entry into the United States. The move is an enormous effort to reduce the southern border to a checkpoint for foreign people attempting to enter the US. “European-style receiving facilities” with medical services, legal guidance, and educational activities are part of the aim.

President Joe Biden delivered an executive order allowing the Department of Justice (DOJ) to provide more legal assistance to unaccompanied alien children (UACs). Illegal aliens are already receiving taxpayer-funded legal representation in major American cities to fight deportation.

In Fiscal Year 2022, taxpayers in 22 communities with deportation defense programs would be taxed at least $5.2 million to provide free legal representation to illegal immigrants. According to the news reported last week, the disclosure was discovered during the Immigration and Reform Law Institute (IRLI).