Biden Admin Is Letting China’s Subsidies To Destroy America

If you think China’s use of subsidies to wreak havoc on the US economy is ridiculous, you’re not alone. Export subsidies from China are present. People should be heading to the next Hallmark store to buy. Thank you cards for the Chinese government’s subsidies to Chinese exporters. It was released in September of this year. Only one China triggered global lockdown and six months of all-encompassing US supply chain shortages and US subsidized Chinese product, the Coronavirus.

Moreover, it’s nonsensical to imply that they should be thankful for what China has done to them because of the lack of local output, which has been exposed and aggravated by COVID-19. Is the US seeing the beginning of a new era of idiocy? In the past few decades, Communist China’s money has bought a lot of American foolishness. Using America’s Biggest Companies to reinvigorate China’s economy. A consultant helps US Firms expand in China.

“Companies are joining up with untraditional partners out of worry that the autumn legislative session could lead to restrictive measures,” according to Corporate America Fights Uphill Battle against Anti-China Push. Americans who have sold out need not be alarmed. Exaggeration abounds when it comes to the “uphill struggle.” Senate Democrats are blocking a measure to prohibit imports made with Chinese slave labor because the Biden administration pushed Congress to water down an anti-China bill. To what end are they mimicking the behavior of Chinese officials? Money. Coin. Dollar, people. An $80,000 diamond was given to Hunter Biden by the Chinese Energy Firm Chairman after he agreed to make ‘introductions’ for $10 million a year.

Hunter Biden helped a Chinese mining company win $3.8 billion worth of cobalt mines. China’s influence and wealth are felt globally. These are the domestic contacts in Biden’s Chinese business email. Like Hunter Biden’s family enterprises, McConnell and Pelosi are Chinese. Sen. Feinstein’s spouse is a proponent of free trade. Schiff declined to explain why he kept the Intelligence Committee in the dark about Swalwell’s contact with a Chinese agent. The Chinese illegally financed Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign. What about the US enterprises that China didn’t take? Americans purchase them. Without a peep from our elected officials, although they own them all. However, the communist government of China has been a loud “yes.” But the issue goes well beyond “edge” sell-outs.

According to Bloomberg data, China will become the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer by 2030. Over $32 billion worth of computer chip manufacturing equipment was purchased by Chinese enterprises in 2019. More than a third (38 percent) of China’s total imports now come from computer chips, accounting for nearly $380 billion in total imports.

However, it is hoped that the $52 billion CHIPs for America Act would help to strengthen American semiconductor supply chains and lessen dependency on Asia-Pacific foundry operators like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) and Samsung Electronics. This horror has occupied Congress’ attention for far too long.