Biden Admin Developing ‘Transgender Curriculum’ for Prisoners

The Biden administration’s unrelenting pressure to impose a transgender agenda on all of American culture through the power of the federal government has now made its way into correctional facilities and programs nationwide.

Criminal convicts who are serving prison sentences will now have state-of-the-art medical options for their “transitioning” processes, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has entered into a government contract worth $1.5 million with a private company to work up a “transgender programming curriculum” that is expected to be put in place in prisons across the country.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons public affairs office issued a press statement saying the new curriculum will educate administrators on “techniques to seek support for mental health concerns and skills to advocate for physical, emotional, and sexual health and safety.”

The new program will also be designed to assist prisoners with learning how to “manage identity concerns during incarceration.”

The private contractor has also been tasked with designing a program for inmates who identify as transgender to locate access to continuing hormone treatments after they are released from prison.

Of the more than 158,000 prisoners under the care of the Bureau of Prisons, only around 1,100 claim to identify as transgender. That means that the Biden administration is spending around $1,250 on each transgender inmate just to get the program developed.

Biden’s DOJ has already issued guidelines that went into effect earlier this year requiring all prison staff and administrators to refer to inmates by their “identified” gender rather than their biological gender if they make that demand.

The prison program is part of the DOJ’s larger mission to impose transgenderism in the nation’s criminal justice system. The DOJ issued a warning earlier this year to state attorney generals about preventing youthful offenders from obtaining hormone treatments at taxpayer expense in order to promote their transitions.

A federal court ruled last month that a convicted terrorist will become the first transgender federal inmate to receive sex-reassignment surgery while in custody. The procedure will be provided with taxpayer funds. “Cristina” Iglesias was convicted in 2005 of mailing fake anthrax to U.K. government office buildings in order to incite terror.