Biden Surrendered US Military Families In Afghanistan

Post-withdrawal, the Biden Administration claimed about 200 American citizens still trapped in Afghanistan, waiting to be evacuated. As the weeks passed, the number has only increased instead of going down, proving the Administration is not doing much to help those still trapped in the Taliban-controlled country.

The Pentagon has now admitted that among those 200, the immediate family members of the US service members are also included. In a report by NBC News, it was stated that the Undersecretary for Defense and Policy Colin Kahl had issued a memo asking those the US military personnel or the DOD civilians with immediate family members who needed help leaving Afghanistan to email his office. He also specified that the subject of the email should be specified as ‘immediate family member.’

Several dozen of the immediate family members of the US service members are still in Afghanistan, including sisters, brothers, children, and parents, and well over 100 extended family members. However, the defense officials are still claiming they are not sure of the actual number of those that want to leave the country.

The number of American citizens left behind was already pretty tragic, and the Biden Administration has only made it more tragic by admitting that the immediate family members of the service members are also included among them. The reality is that these citizens are the ones that we abandoned as they couldn’t get them out on time. Biden did not have a clear plan before withdrawal and ended up risking hundreds of innocent American lives in the country with the Taliban on the loose. The outcome did not only damage the reputation of the United States globally but also damaged the Biden Administration’s reputation in the form of cratering polls.