Attacks On Churches, Pregnancy Centers Spike After SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

While pro-life advocates and many religious institutions celebrated the recent Supreme Court ruling that rolled back federal abortion rights, the decision sparked widespread protests by leftist activists and pro-abortion groups.

Many of the resulting demonstrations have been mostly peaceful, but the Family Research Council has been keeping track of the dozens of violent or otherwise destructive attacks aimed at religious communities, crisis pregnancy centers, and other pro-life organizations.

After a draft decision was leaked in May that signaled the high court’s intention to overrule earlier rulings that enshrined abortion rights at the federal level, at least 87 separate incidents have been reported nationwide. According to the Family Research Council’s research, 34 churches, 53 pregnancy centers, and 23 other locations have been targeted by vandals and radical protesters.

Among the most recent examples occurred at a pregnancy care center in Massachusetts. Protesters apparently affiliated with the activist group Jane’s Revenge vandalized the Bethlehem House Easthampton, using red paint to scrawl threatening messages on the building including “if abortions aren’t safe, neither are you.”

When the Supreme Court officially handed down its decision in June, the number of such attacks immediately spiked. The day after the ruling, records indicate eight churches, eight pregnancy centers, and one government building were attacked by vandals.

Although openly pro-life groups have received the brunt of the backlash, some far-left protesters are calling for attacks on religion in all its forms — particularly the Catholic faith.

In fact, even President Joe Biden, who has condemned the Supreme Court’s decision, is not safe from extremist groups like Ruth Sent Us. Protesters affiliated with the group were behind protests at the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices and even urged demonstrators to show up at Biden’s beach house in Delaware.

Complaining that Biden is “a devout Catholic” and “personally anti-abortion,” the group sent a social media message to its supporters that the president “needs to be pressured to #AvengeRoe.”

Thousands of pro-abortion protesters gathered near the White House last month in a bid to pressure the legislative and executive branch to take action. Lauren Pierce, a 33-year-old lawyer who traveled 1,300 miles to participate in the protest, echoed the sentiments of many others in D.C., asserting that there is “nothing … more worth fighting for” than the right to legally end a pregnancy.

As the latest Pew Research poll determined, 71% of Democratic-leaning voters said abortion will be a very important issue ahead of the upcoming midterm elections, which is 25 points higher than when the same question was asked in March.