At Black History Month Event Biden Seemed ‘Very Confused’

Joe Biden makes a blunder while attending a Black History Month event with his wife and Kamala Harris. As is customary with Biden, there is pandering and deception of the audience. On Monday, he completed the trifecta of the Biden team’s blunders with his festival of bewilderment. Jill Biden addressed Harris as “President” and looked to take a jab at Biden while she spoke.

Moreover, President Joe Biden misnamed UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, calling her “Linda Greenhouse,” even as he read his prepared remarks. At best, what was amusing was a cursory clap, indicating that even his audience did not buy the deception. So much for Biden’s pandering. No one was buying it.

According to the reports, Joe Biden appears to be stuck in 1975. He refers to Vladimir Putin and the “Soviet Union.” Joe, the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991. However, he does manage to rectify himself here. Then there’s the person he just nominated to the Supreme Court. He, too, can’t seem to do it right.

Furthermore, Joe Biden came out of the White House wearing a mask that seemed to hide his eyeglasses outside, despite being nowhere near anyone. When questioned about Vladimir Putin’s nuclear alarm, he just brushed it off, not bothering to answer. But, more importantly, people got to examine his gait, which did not appear normal, a problem they’ve observed previously.

Therefore, Joe Biden has not been subjected to a cognitive test, at least not one that would uncover the source of his gait issues. His physicians have attributed his gait problem to previous injuries and disputed that it is neurological, but they can’t deny it. Biden’s problems appear to be worsening.