As The Left Tries To Kill American Citizenship, Americans Fight For Their Ancient Rights

According to the survey, the following questions were raised: when did our unelected leaders become convinced that they could frequently go beyond their lawful authority? Who permitted them to tell lies or pretend memory loss while testifying in front of our Congress? With impunity, tax-exempt institutions and publicly financed schools disregard the First Amendment and due process. Why did America abandon its long-held goal of being a racially equal society?

When did the colleges, the media, professional sports teams, businesses, and Hollywood revert to pre-civilization tribalism? When did the generals and admirals start lecturing civilians about their alleged prejudices, biases, and conspiracies? While they sit idly by while their country suffers its biggest military setback in nearly a century?

According to President Joe Biden, the Biden administration purposefully reduced oil and gas output, canceled pipelines, and put enormous swathes of federal lands off-limits to drillers. Since when do the world’s once most formidable workers stay at home waiting for inflated government checks while their nation desperately needs their help. How did frugal folks allow their government to amass a $30 trillion debt and declare that printing money would result in wild inflation? There’s no answer to all these questions as usual.

The ultra-rich and ultra-poor are frequently exempt from onerous rules. However, because middle-class folks lack the clout of the former and the romanticism of the latter, officials target them. To board an aircraft, everyone must show identification but not vote as if voting is less vital than a passport photo ID. What’s at the base of the chaos? The average American citizen is dying, and civilian control of the country is slipping away.

According to the reports, progressives have long pushed to alter America’s demographics or abolish its old customs, traditions, and even constitutional principles. There is no longer any hallowed area between safe borders where a collective, shared civic identity can be sustained. Citizenship is on the decline, yet it is not yet extinct. Despite being labeled “domestic terrorists,” millions of furious middle-class parents are resurfacing to recover local control of their schools.

Furthermore, a reckoning is on the way, in the form of mass protests now and in the midterm elections a year from now. Thousands of state and federal workers, as well as troops, are demanding to know why people who have COVID-19 immunity gained naturally must be sacked or terminated. Communities along the southern border are electing new leaders to police immigration rules that have been in place for decades.